Greg Zschaschel

Operations Executive

Delivering substantial revenue growth and cost savings while enhancing operational value have been key outcomes of a successful career in operations leadership. Known for providing effective solutions to operational challenges and generating a lasting impact on business growth and success. Passionate about positioning companies as market leaders in the healthcare industry by leveraging the nuances of efficient operations and creating strong value propositions for multiple stakeholders.

Committed to leading organizations of all sizes to achieve mission goals. Exceptional record leading teams and multi-site operations to maximize productivity. Coined a Subject Matter Expert in performance optimization. Supported startups towards realizing their vision with actionable strategies resulting in exponential growth. Deep interest in helping organizations reach their fullest potential, making the COO role the desired next stop of this progressive career.

Currently located in Los Angeles, CA. Open to travel, remote, hybrid & on-site.



January 2018 | Present

Principal Consultant

Directly advise clients on business/technology solutions and provide support in analyzing and planning business strategies to maximize growth and success. Lead teams during client projects and oversee daily operations.

November 2016 | November 2017


Developed, implemented, and executed strategic business plans for the division, including achieving metrics in financial forecasts and customer satisfaction. Collaborated with leadership across the organization to meet corporate and division goals.

January 2016 | November 2016

Chief Operating Officer

Reporting directly to the CEO, oversaw the business’s day-to-day operational and administrative functions, building and motivating the sales team to generate leads, foster client relationships, and drive revenue.

September 2014 | January 2016

Managing Partner

Strategically guided the business direction while managing day-to-day operations, driving new business acquisitions, and developing organizational goals, procedures, and policies. Ensured compliance with safety regulations in manufacturing. Hired, trained, and mentored staff members, providing performance feedback to encourage growth.

June 2011 | June 2014

Clinic Manager

Steered the organization’s growth by leading daily operations, including medical billing, budget creation, policy changes, professional development, contract negotiation, and manufacturing of medical devices.

March 2009 | June 2011

Department Manager

Recruited to manage department operations, multi-disciplinary team collaboration, and regional clinical care for children with physical disabilities. In addition, I oversaw the daily operations of the manufacturing facility.

May 2006 | February 2009

Chief Operating Officer

Led daily manufacturing facility operations, including hiring, sales and marketing, budget creation, medical billing, policy development, and contract negotiation.


Standardized technology systems across 25 locations, improving efficiency by allowing for streamlined data extraction and transfer, and reducing costs by $20K annually.

Developed a business plan and go-to-market strategy for a health tech startup, recruiting service line and executive leadership, overseeing website development, and successfully launching a new service line in under six months with $1.4M in projected annual revenues.

Revamped a franchising system by implementing routine data analysis of KPIs and a root cause analysis methodology to resolve issues, increasing the revenue growth rate by 15%, and expanding from four territories to seven.


Executive Leadership Business Process Development

Change Management Continuous Process Improvement

Performance Improvement 

Policy Development & Implementation

Startups Multi-Site Operations Go-to-Market Strategy

CrossFunctional Team Development

Health Care Management

Compliance Client Satisfaction

Meet Greg


Master of Business Administration

Bachelor of Science
Health Science


Steve Farzam, COO of 911 Health

“This is an exciting time for us to transition and provide new amazing services like no other. It is very important for me to acknowledge that this vision/dream would have never come together had it not been for Greg Zschaschel’s efforts. In case you have not had the wonderful opportunity to work with Greg, we engaged him to provide us with the needed architecture and business plan. Simultaneously, he took the initiative to provide me with feedback on being a more effective leader to all of you and even 911 Labs. Simply put, his dedication, hard work, and late nights have been incredible to be surrounded by. Greg did a wonderful job collecting all of the necessary information and putting a road map in front of us for success. As VetMed now transitions from the “planning” phase to becoming “operational.”

Adolfo Bejarano, CEO of Xtetic Inc.

“We were in a period of transition where our business was not seeing the typical growth we had seen in previous years. We engaged with numerous consultants that were helpful but did not receive a strategy that we felt would lead to improved results/growth. Greg was instrumental, working as our chief operating officer, to guide our decision of pivoting from distribution of our product/services domestically to internationally by moving customer support operations/sales to overseas labor centers to benefit from lower wage costs and to reduce some of the employment liability risks we faced in our U.S. operations. This change also created opportunities in international markets that we had not had as much exposure to until we had a physical location in the region. Greg also provided a different perspective, having worked in different industries in the past, teaching best work practices from his experience in other large organizations. He left us with succession plans and a roadmap for continued success in future.”

Q & A

Why did you choose your profession?

I chose a profession in business operations because of the unique challenges, which include exploring different approaches and creating custom solutions. As a leader, I’m an entrepreneur and a coach. My goal is to help others reach their fullest potential while also ensuring that the business reaches its targets and objectives.

I believe in the power of collaboration and know that two minds working together can come up with something even better than one. As a leader, I’m committed to instilling this same sense of teamwork in colleagues. My primary goal is to create an environment where everyone feels valued and their contributions are welcomed. I’m passionate about what I do. It’s an incredibly rewarding job and gives me the opportunity to help drive companies forward in highly competitive markets.

Leadership is at the core of my work – it’s not just about managing people but motivating them too. As an entrepreneur, I’m a coach as well. I’m constantly looking for talented employees and inspiring them to reach their goals.

I’m also excited by the challenge of running a business, setting objectives and strategies, and then implementing them within an organization. The rewards are huge when you see the positive impact on the bottom line!
Being an executive leader in business operations is all about taking risks. It’s about embracing change and looking for novel solutions that can help ensure a business remains competitive in an ever-evolving landscape.
I’m also constantly learning, keeping up to date with the latest technologies and trends so I can stay ahead of the curve. It’s a responsibility I take seriously as it requires me to be always on top of my game.

Who is the one person who has done the most, to shape you into who you are today?
How was the person significant to you?

As I look back over my professional success, I can’t help but be thankful for the influence of my father. Growing up, he was both a teacher and a coach when it came to developing key skills for business success- from how to think critically and solve problems, to how to stay resilient in the face of adversity. His paternal influence had an impactful presence on my life- when I was stuck, he could spot the blind spots that were holding me back and help me come up with creative solutions.

What has been the greatest accomplishment of your life so far?
Is there anything you wish to do even better?

The greatest accomplishment of my career has been witnessing the success of the people I have mentored. Seeing them transform from individuals struggling to reach their goals into confident, winning professionals is incredibly gratifying. Yes, my list is too long for this question, but if I narrowed it down it I would like to improve my empathic listening skills to foster better relationships with people.

How would your peers and team members describe your responsiveness as a leader?

My peers and team members would describe my responsiveness as being a leader who is passionate about creating an environment where people feel empowered to express their ideas and collaborate in an impactful way. Every day I am inspired by the creativity and resilience of my peers, and it is a privilege to be able to learn from them, as well as, lead them in their journey towards success.

Interests & Hobbies



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